Dubsmash Convos by Annabelle QV

Did I fall prey to the Dubsmash phenomenon? Duuuuh...  My best friend Mimi and I are so addicted to the app that the other day we started speaking exclusively through Dubsmash sound clips.  From that point, editing the dialogues together was just a matter of time.

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Uncovered Classics by Annabelle QV

A couple of months ago, I met a kind lady named Amy who introduced me to an idea for a new website she and a group of talented women were teaming up to build.  I contributed a book review on Keri Hulme's The Bone People, which was a life-changing joy to discover.  I was surprised to have never heard of the book before, a revelation that affirmed the need for Amy's new website, Uncovered Classics, a must visit for all book lovers...  Whether you're sick of the same old-same old collections of white-man-penned must reads or just looking for fresh thoughts on female writers and their literature. The website has a home on Twitter as well via @UncvrdClassics.

Ilustration by K.L. Ricks

Ilustration by K.L. Ricks

On Lying To Your Parents In Your Thirties by Annabelle QV

Inevitably, when on the phone with my dad- about three fourths into the conversation- I'll get asked if I'm ever moving back to LA. It's a rather sad question because I always say, "Yeah, someday," but the truth is more like, "Not anytime soon." When he asks why I like it here so much, I say things that will please a Mexican father like, "Because work is better," or "There is more opportunity," versus the real reason which is that I like sitting on any given bench and watching people do things at 8:13 am. You can't answer that when your parents ask you why you don't live closer to them, but it's the best reason of all...

... So is "the bagels".  But you can't say that either.